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Jesus Christ, our spiritual life and the world:
Jesus Christ´s Ways, his contributions to human consciousness and to the changes of mankind and the earth: an independent Info-Page, with new viewpoints from many fields of investigation and experience, - with practical hints for personal development; and to the interreligious dialogue.


Complete e-book version for download


Revised main text* along the Gospels and the Revelation; 
continuous text with additional links to its chapters*. This comprehensive ebook is in the Internet completely free:.

For the main text part 1 - the steps in the Gospels - click here: /english.htm .

For the main text part 2 - the steps in the Revelation - click here: /en5.htm .

Main text - final chapter "The Christian spirit", with a table "A Christian attitude...": /en6.htm .

Parts 3 & 4: Pages with additional topics see below .


Part 3. Further contributions:
 including several topics and Questions / Answers concerning secrets of life

Theology and the Churches:

These pages and the theologic schools.

Why do I need a Church or community ?

The "7 Churches" of the Revelation and the Churches of today, and the ecumene.

The pope John Paul II, and the successor, Benedict XVI

Inspirations and the Churches.


with updates: To an additional page with corrections of modern Jesus-theories.

An addition concerning Maria of Magdala.


Several topics, practical and biblical questions:

with supplement  Religion as a "reconnection" of man with God - with Jesus Christ  (A shorter, easier approach).

Prayer: A Prayer for peace...

Christian blessings.

Complaining as a possible part of Christian practice.

Bible study and Gospel Meditation.

A Christian way - digestion of the daily life.

The Lord's Supper.

 Jesus Christ, human nourishment and protection of animals.

Viewpoints concerning sexuality, sympathy, empathy, love, friendship and marriage.

Science and the Belief in God.

Consciousness, brain and the free will.

Jesus Christ and Healing - even today.

The topic of the Creeds.

The question of life after death and its consequences for life before death.

Christianity - its relation to other teachings about "karma" and "reincarnation".

A Christian attitude (addition to chapter 39 of the main text).

To the "small Apocalypse" in the Gospel of Matthew.

Excerpts concerning the "Second Coming of Christ".


Ethics and Society, Philosophy:

with additions: Basics of ethical values.

Christian viewpoints for economical and social questions.

renewed: Jesus and peace (with Churches' declarations).

new: Jesus and Refugees, Migration and Cultures

Christian viewpoints for society and politics.

General Christian viewpoints for ecological questions.

The unborn human life.

Religion and Philosophy, comments to a speech of Habermas, ...

Further topics are mentioned in the main text, see above.


Part 4

The Old Testament; Contributions to the dialogue with other Religions:

"The Old Testament, the Jewish Religion and Jesus Christ".

improved: Extra page "Jesus and Islam".

Critical comments: the caricatures concerning Prophet Mohammed from danish newspapers.

The Religion of Zarathustra (Parsism), a Christian view.

"Buddhism compared with Christianity".

 "Hinduism, Christian viewpoints".

Extra page "Taoism and Konfucianism, Christian viewpoints".

Extra page "Shintoism.
- with general viewpoints concerning natural religions, Christian viewpoints"

Notes on Ancient Egyptian Religion

Remarks Concerning Early European Religions: Greek, Roman, Germanic, Celtic Religion

The declaration of the World Summit of Religious Leaders 2006 at Moscow.

2012: The Mayan Calendar and Christianity


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Updates list,  search tool,  links,  ...

with updates: Lists of updates integrated in the main text and other pages since July 2001.

with additions: Additional literature: theology....

Painted map of the time of Jesus

Table: "Archetypes" (models, symbols)  from the earliest history -elucidated by the bible- to Jesus, and to the future.

Search tools for this site and the web, and Christian search engines .

An additional service: the free World English Biblehere with bible search functions.

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Corona-crisis: a link to a special prayer


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*The mentioned main text, which one can click for above, contains the chapters: in part 1: Introduction into the purpose and use of this text, with methodical hints including meditation; "In the Beginning was the word (greek: logos) …and the word became flesh"; Jesus of Nazareth: his birth; with an extra page concerning christian rebirth; Is there anything significant to be found in the years of Jesus' youth?; A comment concerning the quarrel over "two boys named Jesus-"; The baptism in the Jordan by John the Baptist; with an extra page with annotations about today's baptism; The silence in the desert; The temptations; The wedding at Cana; (Viewpoints for sexuali ty, sympathy, empathy and love); The "holy zeal" (and viewpoints concerning emotions); The Sermon on the Mount and viewpoints of the mind); Christ's Transfiguration on Mount Tabor; The question of the "miracles"; Raising Lazarus from the dead; "The Sheep"; Christ "Washing the Feet" and Mary of Bethany anointing Jesus -an important point of christian spirituality; The Last supper, the triumphal entry, the arrest and the whipping; The "crowning with thorns" and the last speeches; Crucifixion and burial (with viewpoints from christian mysticism); The question of the empty grave, the "descent into hell" and the "ascent into paradise"; The Resurrection; The "Ascension" of Christ; The Whitsun event (Pentecost); Reference to a picture of Jesus; in part 2: The Revelation of St. John; How to deal with prophecies; To the contents of John's revelation: The seven churches; with an extra page about the churches of today, their differences and their way to ecumene; The "seven seals"; The "seven trumpets"; The "seven thunders" and the two prophets; The woman and the dragon; The "animal with seven heads" from the sea; The "animal with two horns" from the earth; The "seven bowls of wrath", the end of "Babylon" and the Second Coming of Christ; Scenarios for the future; The (real) "1000 Years of Peace"; The New Heaven, the New Earth and the "New Jerusalem". Final chapter: The Christian Attitude; Table: A christian attitude: In the world, but not from the world; Reference to the display quality, to a printed version in german, and rights; E-Mail-Form. Other fopics: see above.

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