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2012: The Mayan Calendar and Christianity.

Biblical prophecy, especially the Revelation, does not write only about the future of one of the peoples or of Christians, but about the possible development of mankind and earth and /or cosmos. The prophecy of other cultures, too, goes beyond the pure significance for themselves. We have a mutual planet. The Maya calendar shows that its creators could deal very precisely with "time". So not all recognitions related to that topic are "non-Christian" or "anti-Christian theories", irrelevant for Christians. On the other hand it is not said, that everything is compatible with Christianity.

The creators of that calendar saw their task in combining several earth rhythms, which were relevant in their views. They may have used this combination not only because of their studies on time qualities, but also because it was necessary at that time. On his explorations, H. J. Andersen found records of calendars all around the earth from the third millennium B.C., that there must have been interferences and changes of the cosmic cycles, which are not known in present astronomy. The earth and the moon orbits were concerned. The Bible (Old Testament) also refers to one or another document, for instance a "stopping sun". So the method of counting days would have been left at that time, as it is possible with the Mayan calendar.

From a mathematical point of view, the time, when the present large sedimentary cycle - "the long count" - of the Mayan calendar started, 3114 B.C., might fit in the time of Noah and the Flood, which is proved to be true at least in the Middle East. That does not automatically mean that the end of this cycle will again be accompanied by a cataclysm (big catastrophe) - but it may foreshadow something very serious, beyond simply juggling numbers. The cycle is a part of the precession cycle of the earth's axis. Most archaeologists agree that the end of the Mayan large sedimentary cycle is dated 21st or 23rd of December 2012. This is related to an old Mayan inscription, where the day is named exactly. Some authors wrote, during that time the ecliptic way of the sun (in front of the stars, as seen from the earth) - meets the equator of our Galaxy (the Milky Way). That is correct, but astronomers define it as a period of several years which we are already going through. The Mayan Elders of our time, who have preserved at least parts of the old knowledge, indeed say, it is a "time window" for the transition incident, open till 2015/ 2016.

This is connected to an old Mayan prophecy with an unknown meaning saying that during that day something or someone will come again. The words used are "Bolon Yokte" - one author translated "nine steps" - a translation which is not certified. Others consider it a god of the Maya - but a Mayan god carrying this name is not passed on. The old Mayan world view contains 9 parts. So there are also interpretations saying there is a time setting the course for holistic consciousness (a better coordination of the levels of consciousness) or for a radical change of society (ecology, ...).

The Christian Gospels and the Revelation predict the Second Coming of Christ. Other religions like the Islam or Zoroastrianism expect their prophets to come again; the Islamic Koran mentions besides the coming of Prophet Mohammed that Jesus will come again as a witness for the Christians in front of God during the Great Judgement.

The present situation on earth shows - even without any kind of prophetic knowledge - that the old era is going through a manifold crisis, into a process decisive about the further development. Already Albert Einstein anticipated: If mankind does not learn to think differently, mankind cannot survive.

*) A comparison: concerning the cosmology of old India, based on old astronomic records like those of old Babylonia, there is a method of calculation with days instead of the years assumed, according to H. J. Andersen and others leading to a similar cycle from 3102 BC to 2000. The missing 12 years in the beginning and at the end might be looked at as a transition period.


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