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 The World English Bible (WEB), taken from  http://www.ebible.org/


The World English Bible is a Modern English update of the American Standard Version of 1901, by ebible.org. 
Questions concerning copyright
: Because this Bible translation is in the Public Domain, you have permission to use, to publish, copy, and distribute the World English Bible as much as you want to in any form (spoken, written, paper, electronic, etc.) - without paying any royalties at all, or even asking permission - in contrary to most other Bible texts. But You can not claim an exclusive copyright for You. 
You are asked to update your copy that you publish until the World English Bible editing is done, as a courtesy to your readers (and not as a requirement). You may check back from time to time for updates. If you make any changes to the text of the World English Bible, we do ask that you not call it the World English Bible any more, to avoid confusion, unless you get specific permission from http://ebible.org  to do so.  If you find any typos or have any comments on this translation, please send email to .

We (Ways of Christ ) used here the old layout of the WEB Bible texts - based on whole books -, last updated by their editor 19 - August - 2008. This old layout version was still on the Website of ebible.org 5 - September 2014. (Our bible text is the original WEB text; some formates and links are adapted to our website.)

You may use also the new layout version of ebible.org - based on chapters -, or download it from ebible.org. There You find more formates, for instance mp3 audio files.
This World English Bible Old and New Testaments are essentially complete, but ebible.org is still processing a large backlog of typo reports and comments. Some of those are likely to result in minor edits to the text. Work on the Apocrypha/ Deuterocanon is in progress. All of the books that are online should be correct with respect to meaning, but punctuation and language modernization work is still in progress on some books. The New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs are close to how they will read when they are finished, but most of the Old Testament still contains some archaic grammar that will be revised. A current list of the completed books is in http://eBible.org/web/copyright.htm.

There is also a Hebrew Names Version of the World English Bible (also called the World English Bible: Messianic Edition) that is created by substituting traditional Hebrew names and phrases for equivalent Greek/English names and phrases. Although there are Hebrew versions of some names and a few differing translational choices where more than one rendition is reasonable, the meaning of the Holy Scriptures remains the same. Like the WEB, the HNV is in draft form right now. It is automatically updated as the World English Bible and the substitution list are updated.

The World English Bible may also be found on other www sites, such as the named http://www.ebible.org , the Biblical Prophecy Resource Center and Biola University's site; and here Ways-of-Christ.net .

This site Ways of Christ is not responsible for this text version: it is not identical with our own short bible quotes in our webpages. 

This old layout version from ebible.org uses javascript (active scripting).  However, if You have switched off javascript, You may read the texts as well, with changed formates, and links within the text may not work. 


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