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Addition to part 2, prophecy.

The Scenarios for the future.

This short overall view assumes that one knows at least the chapter "How to deal with prophecies" of the main text part 2 of ways-of-christ.net.  It is an addition to the chapters about the Revelation of John. Not all of the following scenarios have Christian sources, and most of it is not supported by this website. But we have only one world, where such concepts are / were "competitive". Here are the different concepts of future from prophecies, clearvoyants and channelings, compared with the current development and futurology.

1.) This material civilization, based on egotism and group egotism, as it is still predominating externally, would simply go on without great changes. Concepts of money and technical - if necessary, military - solutions would dominate. Futurologists and many other people discuss the risks for human rights, environment and the planet; because of apparently missing alternatives this critical viewpoints are often trivialized or seen with some fatalism. Advances in consciousness of many people might not come to fruition in the large scale, and the necessary further advances would be almost blocked. Such a simple extrapolation of the current development without new basic factors is not acknowledged by any prophetic or similar source. It would be one of the most destructive scenarios; its unspoken final effects would be such catastrophies, as given in some other scenarios. But some values have been produced or kept within this civilization, which are fit for the future in the transition to other scenarios too. Everywhere are germs of a New World.

2a.) Interestingly, no serious prophecy contains a pure scenario of an End of the world.

2b.) Mainly old clearvoyants' testimonies, working out the feeling for a megacrisis into images of a nuclear "Third World War"; it would destroy this civilization, but giving the chance of a better new begin - of a more conscious culture. This Scenario with its versions is the most wellknown one in many books about visions of the future from clearvoyants. The basis of this scenario is outdated since around 1990, in spite of the fact, that there are still some dangers of war, and that it is still necessary for the existence of mankind, to make a breakthrough in consciousness.

2c.) Old visions of other pure physical catastrophy scenarios, based on geological changes and/ or impacts of meteorites - as it often happened in the history of the earth - would not automatically lead to a positive outlook in the end as given in biblical prophecy or the prophecy of other cultures; there is not a lot to be said for an inevitable cataclysm.

3a.) "Channelings" mainly from the first decades after world war two, based on a world war and/ or geological/ cosmical catastrophies too, but announcing different versions of gigantic actions for saving the well-meaning people of the earth. Some hope for well-meaning extraterrestrials (UFOs) - the evacuated ones would later create a new civilization on earth.  Others hope for Angels, an "ascension" or a "rapture" by Jesus Christ. Many people having such concepts understood too, that there are steps of development, they must carry out themselves in spite of the help. So it would be wrong, to explain this phenomenon simply as people longing for anyone taking away their problems. Some prerequisites for this scenario are outdated too, as far as it is based on physical catastrophies. But there are still situations, when mankind would be stumped, if there would be no help. Of whom one hopes for help, everyone must know him-/herself, according to one's religion or philosophy of life. But someone, who would be willing to help, and who so could find a connection to that possibilities of development as given on earth, could not bypass God or him, who has a special role for the earth (see for instance Revelation 19, 11-14). Everyone would be wanted to learn, including any Hierarchies between man and God. The Earth has already helped to carry some of the problems of the universe, too.

3b.) Other versions of scenario 3a didn't say much about what shall happen later on this earth or its present time "3rd dimension"; or they stressed, that the new promised time for the saved ones takes place on another level of existence or on another planet, and that the earth continues existing, and fall behind. Because the special role of the earth and its relation to mankind is obviously not taken up by that inspirators, they cannot give conclusive prospects.

3c.) A part of the Channelings since around 1991 stresses, that it is possible, to avoid the earlier prophecied catastrophies at all, with the united kinds of help from outside (see 3a.), with divine guidance and power, and to lead almost the whole mankind into a new higher state of civilization. They ignored for instance, that the different circles of mankind have already drifted apart from each other in consciousness, that there is no mutual "school class" for everyone - unless as some horror civilization with higher abilities and technologies and big misuses of this -. That means, such scenarios without any kind of (for instance biblical) separated "schools" (within one universe) are simply illusions. That the basic problems of mankind might be resolved by an even more technical control over all areas of life. But correct is, that catastrophies indeed can be avoided, if all well-meaning powers between Heaven and Earth would work together, as it is "designed"; and parts of mankind - from all its  regions - can indeed approach a great step forward of mankind and earth. Some other technologies more adapted to human beings and ecology are necessary too. 

3d.) The imagination, negative Extraterrestrials would conquer the earth in the future, is rather a matter of Hollywood. In the cosmos surely is light and shadow; and the universe is full of theoretical possibilities of every kind. But one can hardly find such a fate of the earth in checkable prophetical views. Where one finds something like this, one can see also, that the beings of the earth besides their special imperfection have also their special abilities, here being well ahead: for instance their free human empathy, and the immense creativity behind all terrestrian creatures. It might turn out, that the earth and its context with God is also an important field for study - necessarily keeping the freedom of the human beings - instead of a place for "conquerors". Further, one may conclude, that the world will not become penetrated by negative forces in the future, but that it is penetrated by them today.

3e.) A: So behind all these scenarios in the meantime another scenario becomes clearer,  a possibility, that indeed a great impulse for the development of mankind can take place - according to the complex Revelation of John, which nis not completely meant physically -; with extensive divine company; with a preserved and higher developping earth; with different  schools for different people, whatever that means. But also according to the Sermon on the Mount, which says "The meek ones will own the earth".

As already explained in the chapter "How to deal with prophecies", future depends on the people. This concerns their inner decisions about the direction of their way; and the mutual effort of the well-meaning ones in prayer and life. It is possible, also beyond the old polarities of the quarrels on earth, from the higher insights of conscience, to work for new developments in the world: "In the world, but not from the world", as the table at the end of the chapters about the Revelation in the main text of "ways-of-christ.net" shows - a specifical way on earth towards unity.


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