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Painting from Johann Georg Gichtel: "Theosophica Practica", 17th Century

This old european painting shows the centers of life energy, which can be explored today, and for which modern spiritual movements use the Indian Sanskrit word "chakras" (wheels). Very sensitive persons can see that whirling structures, where life and consciousness can meet.

Since they are existing within all human beings, they are not bound to one specific religion. So it is not the present state of research, to say that the "chakras" are only "concepts of Hindus". The ancient greek and Early Christian concept of "pneuma" with its different meanings breath/ breath of life/ spirit shows some relations to the knowledge about life forces, which can be found all around the world' s cultures. (...)
However: the life forces as a whole are not identical with the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit, coming by prayer, can purify the life force, as it enlightens the mind and as it helps healing the physical body.

The psychic / mental parts of a human being can become ascribed an own reality too, also beyond physical, chemical processes in the brain - if we accept the reports of people who can "see" this finer layers of people.

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